K Recommends Places: Jichan Onigiri Ya

We’re back with an especially delicious K Recommends Places giveaway!

Onigiri enthusiasts may already be familiar with the restaurant we are partnering up with this week.

For those of you foreign to these tender, multi-shaped, fun-filled rice treats, Jichan’s Onigiri-ya is the perfect place to pioneer your new obsession. 

“Jichan” is a slang term for Grandfather, a figure who helped inspire the creation of a restaurant revolving solely around this Japanese comfort food. Growing up as second-generation Japanese Americans, onigiri has always been a part of owners Joe Miyano and Akira Yoshimura’s diets. As children, their Jichan would often make them onigiri as a meal or a mid-day snack accompanied with miso soup, pickled veggies, or chicken karaage. 


Today the owners are continuing to create their favorite childhood flavors. Braised pork belly marinated in homemade spicy miso, Japanese pickled plum with perilla leaf, broiled and lightly-salted salmon with homemade sesame soy sauce, and sea kelp simmered in soy sauce glaze are just a few of their onigiri specialties. 

Miyano and Yoshimura take pride in their high-quality ingredients and tiptop service, to which we at the Kollection can attest. 

Did we mention that they have a loyalty program? That is correct. Collect 10 stamps on your Jichan’s Onigiri ya card and redeem one bonus onigiri. 

If you are short on time (and cash) and have a hankering to try these tender and tasty treats, then enter to win a $50 gift card. That is a whole lot of onigiri!