K PREMIERE: Jamie Lane’s Debut EP “Minimal Haze”

Fresh off two single releases, electro-R&B artist Jamie Lane brings us his debut EP, Minimal Haze!

Full of sensual electro-beats, Minimal Haze is an impressive showcase of Jamie Lane’s talent. With a sense of ease, he seamlessly blends genres and moves swiftly between mellow and upbeat in this 5-track EP.

“Way Down,” the first song on the EP, is equal parts sensual and smooth.

The next fresh song off the EP, “Bleed,” carries on the mellow flow initiated with “Way Down.” It’s awash with lush beats and soothing vocals, maintaining a soft rhythm throughout.

The final new release on the EP takes us to a whole new place. “Move On” amps up the tempo, creating an electronic beat full of bump and bounce. It’s a vivacious demonstration of Jamie Lane’s musical range.

Flitting between soft pulses and upbeat thumps, and bridging the gap between electronic and R&B, Jamie Lane has set the bar high for himself with Minimal Haze.