K is experimenting with hats

I had some songs that I had to get off my chest…
So I mixed them all together
lots of techno in rotation recently
It gets heavier as it goes if you like to dance
one could say I’m experimenting with hats

After a bit of a hiatus, the “K is…” series continues with a brand new mix titled “K is experimenting with hats.” The sample about 4:00 minutes in will explain the title and sets the tone for the mix- experimental yes, but perhaps just what you need to study, commute home, or make it to the gym.

There is a lot going on in the 30 minute duration; tracks from Kazy Lambizt juxtapose tracks from Solomun but the extreme contrast is not jarring as it often can be. Rather this mix plays somewhat like a dream as tracks fade in and out spontaneously but with clear intention. Enjoy the result of K playing with hats and prepare your ears for a bizarre and lovely narrative.

Share, repost and comment your thoughts! K is back and will be posting new mixes as often as he is inspired. Check out all the previous mixes HERE.