K Exclusive: A Colorful Q&A with Peter Cat Recording Co.

Peter Cat Recording Co. is unlike anything else. With their seamless mastery and combination of countless genres, they are chameleons of music. Their latest album, Bismallah, is the epitome of this musical mastery. Avant-garde and oh so wonderful, they provide a sonic experience that is absolutely unrivaled. 

Bridging the gap between LA and New Delhi, The Kollection was fortunate enough to pick the brains of this dynamic five-piece. Take a journey through sound and emotion, and immerse yourselves in the thoughts of Peter Cat Recording Co. with the Q&A below. 

You all have one of the most unbelievably unique sounds that we’ve heard in quite some time. Which other artists have you garnered most of your influence from?

We wouldn’t really point to any particular artists. We’ve been influenced by various cultures from around the world, art movements, romanticism, life itself. There is no formula or any sort of loyalty to a genre. Everything goes.

Who is the man in your latest album cover?

It is Suryakant’s father in law, Vinay, and the photograph was taken at Suryakant’s marriage in 2018.

Why did you choose ‘Bismallah’ as the name for your new record?

Well, Vinay has a habit of saying Bismillah every time he’s about to have a drink, an alternative to “cheers”. Considering the photograph, it was apt, and we felt the entire album had an air of celebration about it.

Can you explain the feelings in the studio while you’re recording?

The songs in the album were written at various times in our lives which is when the real feelings are “felt”. The recording sessions of this album took place between our friend, Stefan Kaye’s house in New Delhi and Spectral Studios in Paris. Since we often record ourselves, it’s actually a very stressful and unclear process really and what does help is being in places where we feel at peace and comfortable which was fortunately granted to us by both places.

What’s your recording ritual? Your pre-show ritual?

No real recording ritual as such. Pre-show rituals are pretty much about trying to find the sweet spot between being fucked off your face and bone dry.

Which song is your favorite to perform live? Or is that kind of like choosing a favorite child?

It’s different each show. Generally, we’re always bored of playing our own songs, so we look forward to something unexpected happening during a show which reignites us. Anyway, let’s not kid ourselves; everyone has a favourite child.

How has New Delhi helped shape your sound?

Noise, immunity to discomfort, isolation, beautiful winters and mornings, sadness from a civilization which lost its glory.


You guys ooze color–in your sound, your videos, your entire being. What do you attribute that to?

To our upbringing, the internet and general exposure to various cultures. This has passed national or cultural identity. We head into a new colourful dawn/end for humanity.

How do you guys create your music? Is it a collective effort, or is it more individual parts that come together?

It varies, but most often, Suryakant would’ve written a simple verse-chorus structure, with partial lyrics and often an accompanying musical idea which is then taken up by the group and transformed into something larger or simpler than itself. Another time, Karan (drums) and Suryakant may have a moment recorded on a phone which is moved ahead into a song. As mentioned before, there is simply no formalised process.

Where does the name Peter Cat Recording Co. come from? Who is Peter Cat?

Restaurant, Calcutta, Drugs, Food Menu, Meat Market.

Why do you make music?

To make $$$

What’s next for you guys? (please say US tour… we’re really itching to see you live)

An extensive European and Indian tour will be announced shortly. Nothing in the Western Hemisphere yet, unfortunately.