Jonesin’ for More with Worry Club

Worry Club’s single “Jonesin” solidifies his position as an artist to watch. Chicago-bred singer/songwriter Chase Walsh figured out early on that he was at his best when left to his own devices. Playing with pitch, tone, and a uniquely dreamy vibe, “Jonesin'” is a quintessential bedroom pop single with a unique youthful flair.

In a time when it seems cool to not care, Worry Club flips the narrative on its head and shows us, through meticulously produced tracks, that being passionate about your work is not only cool but also leads to powerfully authentic art. This single puts the power in Chase’s hands, being his truest self however he sees fit. “The only time I feel comfortable sharing is through music and the manipulation of my voice,” says Chase. “If I’m spilling the real stuff, I won’t make it sound like me.” Chase plays with hard and soft musical and lyrical elements with ease that is incredibly impressive for such a short time in the music industry. “Jonesin'” feels like it was written and produced immediately after waking up from a dream: the haunting production elements layered with artfully strained vocals and emotionally-rich lyrics create a hypnotic effect, ultimately opening a door into Chase’s most intimate version of self. 

There is an ethereal nature to the single, with the bubbly water sounds and upbeat, yet soothing guitar melodies that make one feel as though they’re basking in the sun in a secret garden. With sensual yet gritty vocals, Chase evokes the sounds of Kid Bloom or the late band Her’s, while simultaneously stepping out of the indie genre through playful production. Worry Club makes bedroom music but not in the traditional sense of the phrase. Yes, the music is often homespun, intimate, and so tangible you can nearly touch it, but his style of DIY recording has more to do with emotional vulnerability and the closeness that naturally occurs when you invite someone into your most personal space.

There are a lot of people trying to do what Worry Club does so effortlessly. So it is no surprise that he has already amassed a fan base from tracks like “Japanese,” which boasts just over 900,000 streams on Spotify, and “In My Ear” which is quickly approaching 350,000. Featured on Spotify’s Lorem and Fresh Finds to name just a few and garnering praise on platforms such as Lyrical Lemonade and Earmilk, Worry Club is slowly but surely being recognized for his talent. With these accomplishments and his single Jonesin in mind, it is clear that when Chase is left to his own devices, success is inevitable.