Jon Bellion – Conversations With My Wife

After two long years of deprivation, the world has finally been blessed with Jon Bellion music once more. Since his last album release, The Human Condition, we’ve been famished for new content filled with Bellion’s incredibly swung pockets, nostalgic synths, and gritty basslines. Conversations With My Wife successfully delivers everything we love about the Long Island native and his incomparably quirky music.

The record starts with smooth melancholy synths accompanied by Jon’s raw vocals, eventually building into powerful bass riffs and an angelic vocal breakdown that is sonically parallel to a children’s chorus. The record reaches its peak at the sound of distorted tom drums and stretched out guitar lines, a change of pace from the usual J Dilla type hip-hop vibe Jon has so famously perfected.

Production aside, Bellion’s unique lyrical storytelling reveals his issues with relationships and his image on social media, noting “Will you love me when my phone turns off? I don’t want to be some digital Jesus. No more followers, we’ll both get lost when it’s me and you inside real life,” He continues to express his love for his wife, claiming his readiness to leave the fame, glory, and spotlight for her at any given time. Jon’s songwriting never disappoints, as he somehow turns such simple lyrics into meaningful ones on each of his tracks.

With the full album Glory Sound Prep less than a month away, this first track off the record leaves us anxiously waiting for the rest of Jon’s sound. Take a listen and prepare yourselves for November 9th… and until then, keep up to date with the man himself below.