Joji – BALLADS 1

Joji’s BALLADS 1 is magic. Pure, honey-to-the-ears magic.

As humans, we like to put things in boxes. In categories. But Joji cannot be put in a box. His music is the embodiment of musical innovation. It takes on the traits of R&B, of indie, of EDM. It utilizes stormy vocals, bopping beats, sweet piano, and so much more; it is a musical hodgepodge of the finest quality.

Some songs will sweep chills across your body, some will cause an uncontrollable sway to the rhythm, and some will render you silent, unable to do anything more than just bask in the music.

From the desolation of “ATTENTION,” the album’s opening track, to the infectious “NO FUN,” each song brings its own distinct personality, melding together to create an album that is nothing less than wonderful.