Jeffe, all that I love in pop music

There is something exciting about an artist with a limited discography- the promise of more to come and perhaps the chance to witness an exciting narrative. Jeffe has only released three tracks to date: two originals and a feature on a Petit Biscuit remix package. At this very moment, she is all that I love in pop music and I am eager to share why in noting one specific element in each of her three tracks.

Whoever You Love, I’m Cool

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Jeffe’s angelic voice holds this track together but it is the complexity of the bitter-sweet lyricism that keeps me coming back to this song, blasting it in any and every environment, and receiving praise for doing so:

Did I ever confess, that I love this mess you made me?
And whatever is left, comes undone when you hold me?
If I ever confess, I’m best I’ve been in ages
So whoever you love, I’m cool.

In an age of song-writers who dwell over broken hearts or write revenge-fueled ballads, Jeffe is confident and refreshing. What an introduction to the world- an Australian girl who could care less and exudes objective coolness. The last two lines of the track- I’m cool, I’m cool– kindly affirm this notion and leave me excited for more.

Petit Biscuit – Problems (Jeffe Cover)

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When you think of a female vocalist covering an electronic release, a certain image comes to mind which might contain a youtube channel and an acoustic guitar. Jeffe’s cover supercedes this image and quite frankly f0r-lack-of-a-better-word BODIES Petit Biscuit’s original. See for yourself and think of the remix packages Jeffe has the potential to hop on… I’d go so far as to say she could make us fond of a Chainsmokers track.


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Jeffe premiered her latest release late last month and it embodies the direction I see/hope pop music going- a tasteful blurring of the line between bedroom pop (a lack-luster descriptor for the early work of artists such as Cuco and Sophie Meiers who are confined to their bedrooms but unquestionably dedicated to their craft) and the early productions of serious electronic producers such as Flume and Disclosure. Again, the lyricism is both reminscent of radio hits while still very much delivered and structured in Jeffe’s unique flow:

Wake up
Hit the snooze any nine times
(Better live it again)
Caffeine, nicotine singing nine crimes
(I’m beginning to bend)

In any and every sense of the word, Jeffe is promising.







Spread the word and enjoy.