It Looks Sad. – Sky Lake

Maybe it was the voice, or the rawness of it all, but three years ago, something drew me in about the melancholy, aggressive, genuine garage-rock sound of It Looks Sad.

And now, three years after the release of their last album, It Looks Sad. has shed their distinct garage-rock sound, but has maintained every bit of the originality that so intrigued me. “Sky Lake”, their newest album, incorporates all the rawness of their past releases, but augments it with new, different, perfectly fusing sounds. The album is at times contradictory: it is hazy, but it is sharp, it is melancholy but it is stirring.

It is an album that you can feel through your entire body; it creates an itch in your heart, sweeps chills across your arms, and your entire body sways with the melodies. The hazy vocals intertwine with the mellow guitar and the softly-pounding drums; the beats perfectly complement the almost robotic voice; the past sounds fuse with the present creation, forming something tender and true. “Sky Lake” is something from a dream.

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