Shakespeare or SoundCloud Comment? (A Social Commentary)

Like so many of us here at the Kollection, I spend a huge chunk of my free time scouring for new music: track ‘ID’ing boiler room sets, digging through crates, sifting through Spotify playlists, and reviewing SoundCloud reposts. The latter of the methods has brought something to my attention that demands acknowledgment.

I’ve determined the comment section of SoundCloud has to be the most underrated source of comedic relief in music. There’s something so raw and unfiltered, yet beautiful, between the interaction of an artist and fan. So much so that I’ve kept an entire document over the years full of my favorite ones. And though Soundcloud has guidelines for its users, the disregard for them is almost comical in itself. Whether it’s an absurdly thought-provoking reaction to a piece of music, or just a 13-year-old kid opening up about his life when literally no one asked, it all truly feels like modern-day poetry. So, without further ado, here is an in-depth review of some of my favorite Soundcloud comments.

Brilliant comparison, Dylazy. It’s exciting, it’s polite, and it paints a perfectly playful picture. Not only does he grab your attention right off the bat with an exclamation, but he’s nice enough to invite the reader to form an opinion of their own. He’s not forcing his judgment on anyone. This is the type of comment that can do no wrong. Instantly puts a smile on the reader’s face.

funny soundcloud comment

Here’s a user who has clearly cracked the code. Tinder? No thanks. Bars? God no. Why not cut straight to the chase and find someone to love who listens to the same music like us on Soundcloud.? Well played. Though it may come off as desperate, I think MigglyFlowers has his priorities in order. I can only hope that, one year later, MigglyFlowers has found that special someone.

funny soundcloud comment

This one really feels like poetry. So few words yet so much to unpack. What do they mean by all of it? Did they actually come into existence from the game of Minecraft? Where are they headed? This comment rides a very fine line between social commentary and a 12-year-old’s meme account. I gained nothing from reading this, but I lost nothing too. If this, in fact, is not a joke, I seriously need to revisit my Minecraft world and bump the soundtrack. 

funny soundcloud comment

Quite possibly the most detailed instruction on how to play soccer in the most unlikely place I expected. Where most artists are searching for constructive criticism or positive feedback, JleBrock does us one better by improving our athletic abilities. Thank you for the tips my man!

funny soundcloud comment

There are really two ways to go about this one. We could either assume ReaganDor12’s two statements are completely unrelated or actually have something to do with one another. Did he want to let us know his feelings for the music but also randomly tell us his age? Or did he want to make a point that the average 15-year-olds don’t like this particular song but he’s in the minority of fanship? Either way, I think we can all sleep a little easier at night knowing that ReaganDor12 loves this song and is 15 years old.

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