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We hope you’re doing well…

Jackson Hollister

As well as one possibly can be given the circumstances. How tired is that line? We’re so tired of hearing about “the circumstances.” Yet there is now this sense that we’re gearing up for something more, something bigger. Like sitting through an endless parade of opening DJs before a mystery headliner.

Glen Matheny

Do y’all remember when The Kollection’s main focus was…events?

That still feels like a dirty word these days. If you were tuned in March of last year, you may remember we had one on the books for the very weekend that LA first shut down! We have not forgotten about it, so stay tuned

Jackson Hollister

As we aren’t ones to sit around or host an event that isn’t guaranteed to safely go off without flaw, our team spent the months since building our first-ever online store and our finest merch line to date. We’re talking the quality and hype that’s worth lining up on Fairfax for during an August heatwave. Thankfully, we’re leaving pre-orders open for another week, so you can order from us directly today! Everything is made here in LA and we pack each order by hand before signing it with love and sending it your way.

Be warned: when wearing K merch, you may find yourself in spontaneous conversations with music nerds, and Los Angeles’ late night heroes may cast you knowing winks upon sight of the logo.

Ok, so we’re a little bit obsessed with the merch ourselves….

Jackson Hollister

A perfect segue to the here and now. Have you ever been obsessed? Truly obsessed. The kind of obsession that dominates, even defines your life. It turns out the French have a sexy word for that phenomenon which arose in the early 1800s: Idée Fixe. It was first used by Hector Berlioz, a composer who became so obsessed with his beloved that he could not write music without certain notes and melodies that he attributed to her appearing in it. She was the first idée fixe; his total, all-encompassing, inescapable obsession. Since then the term has expanded to all artforms, psychology, and to months worth of Kollection editorial calls. We have become obsessed with, well, obsessions.

Sam Gellaitry

Today, we bring you an interview with the elusive Sam Gellaitry, explore Spotify’s money obsessed mechanics, look at the lurid underbelly of Korean pop culture, break down female friendship, revisit Goop’s vagina scented candles, and promise so much more. We’re confident that this is the best editorial content we’ve offered to date, so don’t skip out on a thing!

Jackson Hollister

Much love to you and yours, please continue to be safe out there. Mask up, read a book, love yourself, and don’t turn off the music. We’re not out of the woods just yet, but we can see the rave at the end of the tunnel.

With love and solidarity,

The Kollection 

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