Hong Kong Boyfriend’s New Single “Tiramisu” Wants to Start a Conversation About Diverse Young Love

Photo:  Eddie Mandell

He has a lot to say, so listen up…

Hong Kong Boyfriend might be a newcomer to the indie scene, but his music will leave you in a trance. After his debut single “Cold Waters” dropped in August, HKBF’s intoxicating style didn’t take long to turn some heads. “Cold Waters” has already gained over 75K streams on Spotify and was featured on Spotify’s Fresh Finds, Fresh Finds: Pop, and All New Indie playlists – and that was only the beginning.

HKBF is back again with a new, just as intriguing single “Tiramisu”. As a new artist, it can be really challenging to live up to the expectations of listeners while defining your unique sound, but HKBF does this flawlessly. His music is very personal and full of emotion, which is demonstrated in full through his cinematic music videos pairing with each single. While the “Cold Waters” video follows the turbulent relationship of a madly-in-love gay couple, “Tiramisu”‘s video spotlights diversity in its story just the same.

“Tiramisu” is a beautiful track, but it’s so much more than a “manic pixie dream girl”. “Tiramisu” approaches the relationship of two people who cling to the idea of young love while having to face a less than kind reality.

Alt="Tiramisu Video Still"

HKBF tells us that,

“Tiramisu is about being in love with someone you’re not supposed to be with, and the feeling of being seen for who you truly are. But you thought you found the answer, when you really only just understood the question”.

Alt="Tiramisu Cover Photo"
Photo:  Eddie Mandell

The music video gives listeners an even deeper look into the mind of HKBF and his intention behind Tiramisu. Following the relationship of a young interracial couple, HKBF explores his own experience as an Asian American.

“Growing up there were practically no musicians who looked like me… Because of that, there were a lot of stories being left untold…. I hope my work can expand the possibilities of being an Asian-American.”

Underrepresentation in the American industry is a challenge that HKBF is more than willing to take on, and his music will surely continue to be a dreamy medium for stories with depth.

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