Home- Fantastic Voyage Remixes and Remixers

Justin Jay and Josh Taylor’s joint album “Fantastic Voyage” will undeniably go down as one of the G.O.A.T. SoundCloud releases. If you have not seen it performed live, I seriously encourage that you hop on any and every opportunity to do so. The album is fueled by Josh’s dreamy vocals and Justin’s creative direction but there is a certain undeniable backbone to the records and the performances that make it stand out from others. Said backbone is Fantastic Voyage.

*CUE Benny Bridges, Sam von Horn and Danny G busting through paper mache curtains with instruments in hand looking damned good.*

We asked the bearded cuddle-savant Will Clarke, who is also featured on this remix package, what Fantastic Voyage is and he hit the nail right on the head for us: a “family all on a journey to somewhere magical.” Today, with the release of Justin Jay’s remix package, it’s these artists (in-the-purest-sense-of-the-word) turn to show the new-school what the old-school is capable of when given the opportunity to remix tracks off of “Home” alongside some incredible producers: utter greatness.

One Day (Sam von Horn Remix)

Sam von Horn asserts that Fantastic Voyage “is like the magic school bus” and votes that the “next stop is space, the final frontier.” Interestingly, this would appropriately point to Justin being a modern day Ms. Frizzle. Sam found his way into the crew after Ben made him some delicious pasta which convinced him to move in- facilitating an exciting future alongside his band mates. Today, Mr. von Horn presents us with what could be considered the filthiest remix on the entire package. Listen for yourself.

Cool (Benny Bridges Remix)

Where is the Fantastic Voyage headed next? The eclectic Benny Bridges is hoping to “organize a trip to Universal Hollywood Horror Nights sometime in October.” This not-so-peculiar request (if you know Benny) points to Fantastic Voyage being a bit more than just musical partners- one could say they are partners in crime and much more. Ben recalls the first gig that Justin brought him and Josh to: “They left me in the club for two hours in a superman onesie by myself while everyone else was wearing leather jackets. My friends are the best!” Musically, Ben is funky- if you haven’t heard his “Dance With Somebody” remix then check it out immediately. Today, he flips Justin’s track Cool. The rolling bass line is infectious and we promise you’ll be hearing this one next time you head to the disco.

Flowers (Danny G Remix)

Danny G does not seem too concerned with locking down an idea of where Fantastic Voyage is headed- “maybe someone else does but I’m just trying to enjoy the ride!” Danny met Justin and Sam when they were 13 years old. They all took an electronic music composition class and started making music together at around the same time: “It’s pretty cool that we are all still friends and [make music] together more than 10 years later.” Danny G’s remix is one of the most pleasant on the tape- light hearted synths and modulated vocals have a therapeutic effect as they progress into the very natural sounding bass and brass.

Justin went to school with Danny, Sam and Ben but their music transcends their relationship with one another when collaborating on the Fantastic Voyage project. The crew walks a fine line where one can never be sure whether it is music or their undying friendship comes first- perhaps its a rare, perfect blend of the two. “They all have so much musical talent [and] they’re always influencing me and pushing to try new things musically,” Justin says. As you could likely note in the stark differences between the three remixes- there must be some valuable and varied advice in every session the group sits in on. “These guys are a pleasure to be with whether it’s DJing together, playing in a band together, or just kicking it”- three things the boys seem to always be doing considering 3 of the 4 live together and Danny is the official honorary housemate. Exuding happiness as always- Friendship, Fun and Freedom- are the stops that Justin envisions the Fantastic Voyage will stop on next.

Be sure to check out the complete remix package below: