Happy Birthday K Weekly!

As we’ve only recently arrived in Los Angeles, many in The Kollection community may not realize that The K has played an integral role in curating and supporting good music for almost a decade. When the company launched in 2010, blogs were at the forefront of breaking artists–editorial pieces brought structure to music discovery as the industry searched for digital maturity.

Since then, the embrace of streaming has kickstarted a new wave of industry growth (after 68% of its market value disappeared in the switch from CDs), and things are looking up! We have instant access to more music than we could ever listen to, robots put together neat playlists for us every week, and there are even still some curators who are genuinely in it for the music before anything else.

But robots are better at showing us what we already like, and pay-to-play radio has become pay-to-playlist. Algorithms and corporate playlists with ties to label politics now largely control who makes it, what you hear, and what never has a shot at breaking into the mainstream. True curators are too few, and so…

A year ago we set out to build a playlist that promotes the best new music: K Weekly. There were no strings attached, no monetary incentive, and the only outside promotion was volunteered from those who appreciate it most. Over the last 52 consecutive weeks, we have found hundreds of new artists and our music taste as a team has improved tenfold as we collaborate to understand what makes a track stand out to our followers.

Today we ask that you browse through the tracks with extra attention. Some may be too electronic, others may not be electronic enough, and some just may not click…but there is something special in there for you. A song that could define the next 7 days or be your soundtrack for the season to come.

Always remember- these tracks were carefully chosen for YOU.

See you next Friday!