Grady Has An Undeniable Influence- Why He’s The Only One

What’s the difference between Grady and your friend Mark who smokes weed and talks about how by next year he will be creating dope content, hanging out with models, and partying when he feels like it rather than when his 9-5 permits? Let me explain and please click play on the video above before I do.

An understated moment in the recent music video for Grady’s second major release, Only One, occurs at 2:37 as Grady begins to- and only then instructs his flock of friends who resemble something of a dreamy spring break trip to– snap and walk towards the camera in a never before seen West Side Story meets West Hollywood cross over. The significance? Everyone follows his lead and it looks good. What a concept…

In a generation of leaders and followers, like Kanye put so graciously, it is quite clear that Grady would rather be a d*ck than a swallower. Grady is actually putting in the effort to do what Mark is fantasizing about and odds are Mark is staring at his screen checking on how many followers each featured actor and actress in the video have… sad. Why is it sad? Because Grady is Mark- if Mark put in the effort. Where am I going with this?

Grady is unapologetically human in his efforts to create an already promising project and that in itself is remarkable. Our generation is obsessed with creating but most people’s creative process goes as far as generating a meme but not posting it because of an annoying watermark or experimenting with VSCO presets. The true spirit of creation comes from hours on end spent in home studios, poorly-lighted DSLR photoshoots in your teenage years, and most importantly the constant drive to surround yourself with other creatives. Grady embodies these traits on and off the screen and continues to experiment with them at larger and larger scales.

Perhaps the most honest explanation for his remarkable drive can be found laid out in layman’s terms right smack dab in the middle of the chorus:

I’m so bad at being alone.

And who the hell isn’t now days in an era where everyone you know exists in a slew of apps just a couple of swipes and taps away. I have a major issue with one character trait above all- someone who recognizes an issue and then does nothing or something counterintuitive to remedy it. That is Mark- because Mark is also quite bad at being alone but his solution is to keep swiping and tapping in hopes of feeling less alone. What does Grady do? He goes out and creates the content which exists on your phone and facilitates unique real experiences for a slew of close-friends in doing so.

Oh, and I forgot to mention, the song itself is really great. We are very excited to see where this just-passed-the-appropriate-use-of-the-word-aspiring talent takes things and are especially eager for the off chance that he and our close friend Andrew Luce drop some heat. Follow Grady on IG.