Gideön in the Boiler Room

Gideön, the eccentric Londoner, has done it again with this intriguing Boiler Room mix. This vinyl archivist takes you on an hour-long adventure that begins with utter confusion before euphorically transporting you into a carefully curated compilation of elegant sampling.

The mix begins with a near three-minute compilation of names, places, and organizations, an introduction that leaves nearly every listener puzzled. As the perplexity fades, we enter a deep space of ambient noises and melodic vocals over a steady baseline. From there, the vocal sampling adopts a new utility; there is still copious sampling, but nearly all are truncated such that they serve no purpose other than to compliment the jubilant baseline.

Gideön clearly has a diverse artistic background, which is represented in the Boiler Room and stems from his DJ residency at Soulhole in Berlin, a venue where a wide variety of high-energy music is enjoyed, from gospel to sisterfunk.

This mix is a perfect representation of Gideön’s character and musical influence. In addition to being the host of London’s Soho Radio, Gideön is the co-founder and manager of Absolution, an organization in Berlin that hosts events at abandoned buildings for gay underground enthusiasts. Additionally, he is the co-creator of hybrid music and art installations that are presently part of the Block9 portfolio, where he administers musical programs and books artists.

Gideön’s multi-genre knowledge has once again resulted in a synthesis of excellence; he gives us a taste of everything from deep house to disco in a perfectly diverse equilibrium. If you’re in the mood for an upbeat and engaging mix that will make the whole room dance, look no further than Gideön in the Boiler Room; it will not disappoint.