Get Kultured: Saint Patrick’s Day

With a name like Kian James McHugh and shockingly pale skin, I look and feel like an Irishman tried and true. Saint Patrick’s Day is without question in my top 3 favorite holidays as every year growing up my mother made corned beef and cabbage while my dad blasted his favorite Irish tunes. I’ll admit that with age the debauchery that typically followed- Irish coffee, Guinness, and a whole lot of jigging- contributed to my infatuation with the oh-so-cheery holiday but still, nothing captures the festive spirit quite like the music.

Photo Credit- National Geographic

There is a common misconception that any music coming out of Ireland is catered to leprechaun’s rather than the common consumer. While The Dubliners’ “The Wild Rover” definitely has an appropriate time and place, it remains wildly overlooked that some of the most innovative names in contemporary music are Irish. The playlist transitions from classic to contemporary so feel free to skip through to your liking or let it ride and enjoy the sonic history lesson-

Take a moment to focus in on the Matador and Rebuke songs that are featured. If you first listen closely to the classics, you will note a certain Irish energy is carried over. I excitedly confirmed this with Matador after his set at Sound Nightclub in Los Angeles: “I’ll be damned if you’re not a proper Irishman! I saw you up there grooving tonight and I can just hear it in the music.” “Yes laddy, that I am,” he responded in an accent that was thicker than I expected followed by a brief embrace that left both of us smirking. What a sight, two Irish laddies prouder than ever in the club. For a bonus treat, check out this video of his breathtaking Dublin studio below:

Enjoy these 10 tunes and we hope you find an appropriate means of celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day in these bizarre times. May the luck of the Irish be in your favor today!