Generationals – Kid

New Orleans based duo Generationals and their rendition of the Pretenders classic, “Kid”, pays homage to the twangy guitar riffs and thoughtful lyrics that shape modern dream-pop and indie music culture. The surf-rock inspired guitar is a slight departure from the more upbeat Pretenders original, and the inclusion of a more somber Beach House vocal feeling creates the kind of song perfectly suited for a blissful midnight drive down the coast or a late summer afternoon spent on the beach.

Generationals puts a modern context into this youthful classic, with timeless yet vague lyrics we can all resonate with– “I think I know some things we never outgrow” is a fresh interpretation we can all find a place with.

We’re looking forward to their collected singles from the past two years “State Dogs” to drop early December, including 80’s dance-inspired track “Beggars in the House of Plenty”. Generationals never cease to blow us away with their dreamy and harmonious blends of classically inspired sounds with uniquely modern twists.

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