GEN-ZiNE Continues to Prove Creatives Are Cool (The Youth Need Journalism)

Ok folks, it is confession time…

I, a 25-year-old millennial, have particular envy for the generation beneath me. I spent so many years of my youth trying to prove to myself and my peers that creativity was in fact cool. Hell, high school in Palo Alto (‘10-’14) had some serious freaks and geeks energy with a societal acceptance of marijuana that blurred the lines. It was just a couple of years back that I was sure, once and for all, that everything had changed. Pursuing Instagram one day, I discovered that my neighbor, four years my junior, was both the starting quarterback and a film photographer with an art account. How things have changed since the era people yelled “DUBSTEP” at me across the quad because I was listening to Flume.

In walks GEN-ZiNE

a publication dedicated to addressing contemporary issues through the eyes of Generation Z continues to prove that open-minded creatives wielding pens and smashing keyboards are the future.

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GEN-ZiNE first came on my radar when I was scoping out the California zine market. When I reached out to Anushka Joshi, GEN-ZiNE’s Editor in Chief, and her Co-Editor, Nikki Cohen, I was shocked to hear that a physical magazine pre-dated their web presence. “How analog of them,” I thought. But it makes sense, Gen Z is analog as all hell. They want to reject any digital tomfoolery that plagued their childhoods and who can blame them. Now, in their senior year, the collegiate experience is coming to an end and that comes with the big question: What’s next for us, and what’s next for the project we’ve poured our heart and soul into!

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One thing is for sure, the GEN-ZiNE ship won’t slow. Like us at The K, they have a team made up of friends that doubles as a family, and they won’t stop until youth media has been democratized once and for all! With content ranging from from “Biden’s Infrastructure Plan” to “For White Men, Mental Health is an Excuse for Murder, but for Black Men, it’s a Death…” to “Communication and Understanding in Unhealthy Relationships” the touchy subjects that were rejected by past generations have become the main focus. How incredible. How important. And for Anushka and Nikki, it feels like second nature. I’m not saying all of Gen Z is woke and outspoken, some of them may even need to zip their lips and reassess what is funny, but to me, GEN-ZiNE is near flawless. Like any indie publication, the one thing that marks success is views, and with that said- GO SUPPORT THEM! Support OUR editorial! Support any youth written content that says (directly or indirectly), “I don’t give a fuck what the boomers say, in fact, fuck what the boomers say! And Gen X too!” 

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I have no patience for people who don’t act on that which they view is wrong. I have made a fool of myself chirping at the patriarchy and hated myself when I don’t have the energy to call out a bigot. At the end of the day, those are fleeting moments that are often forgotten. So, when I have it in me, I write. I adore anyone who takes the time out of their day, wielding a pen or smashing a keyboard, to take speaking out one step further. Bravo Gen Z. Bravo Anushka. Bravo Nikki. Bravo to the whole team for creating something of such value and grand importance. Long live journalism that is untouched by the suits and may we all live long enough to see the day where our impact on society has been made apparent. 

With love,

Millennial K.