Friday, January 18th

Friday brings with it so many things: the sweet release from the work week, the soft start to the fleeting weekend, and best of all, an influx of new, playlist-worthy music.

Of the vast array of songs released, there are two notables: Wishing For Rain by j ember and Arrow by half-alive.

Wishing For Rain is another impressive release from j ember, featuring his signature throaty vocals. Soft but upbeat, he combines twangy guitar with the gentle drums, creating a tune that is the perfect mix of relaxed and bumping.

Arrow by half-alive feels like a new-wave Phoenix. Though it begins with a solemn piano piece, it quickly transforms itself into a softly pulsing beat, heavy on bass and soprano vocals. It is an electro-pop beat in its truest, funky-est form.

Amongst the many albums and EPs released, there are some highlights: Remind Me Tomorrow by Sharon Van Etten, Phoenix by Pedro the Lion, I Get No Joy by Jade Bird, Cub Sports by Cub Sports, and Backseat Vinyl’s Sad Frenzy. Of these five, Sad Frenzy stands as the pillar of damn good music.

Backseat Vinyl’s newest album Sad Frenzy proves them the epitome of an indie-garage band. The album is lo-fi, raw, and nothing short of wonderful. Singing candidly about the many aspects of life and feelings, Backseat Vinyl is a band that is unapologetically itself. Accompanying these lyrics is a variety of sounds, ranging from fast-paced headbangers like “Die Cool” to slow and feeling songs like “Sad Frenzy” to beachy, ukelele-backed “I Got Glam.” It isn’t difficult to imagine speeding along the freeway with Sad Frenzy blasting in the background, dominating the airwaves of the day. Backseat Vinyl’s Sad Frenzy is an absolute force of music.

On this day each week, the music world is enriched by its vibrant new additions, and this past Friday was no exception. From indie rock to rap, January 18th brought it all.