Far Caspian – Finding My Way Home

Far Caspian’s “Finding My Way Home” is a raw beauty. It starts as a crestfallen croon, navigating the difficulties and disappointments that emerge throughout life, and amps them up with the utter joys that complement them. Just as life progresses from lows to highs and back again, so too does “Finding My Way Home.” It picks up, it drops down, and it gives us the rawness and honesty of life.

The song itself is a glimpse into the minds of Far Caspian, but the music video is a glimpse into their lives. Made up of lo-fi home videos and raw concert footage, the music video follows the progression of the song, beginning with casual days and lowkey nights, and building up to the mess-around moments and the energetic shows.

Watching “Finding My Way Home” feels like being part of the inner circle, bearing witness to the ups, downs, and the in-betweens that make up life for Joel Johnston, Jof Cabedo, and Alessio Scozzaro. And with these moments witnessed, it becomes clear what is paramount in this bizarre, topsy-turvy, wonderful life we all live: the people we share it with.