Fairfax Ave, an Odd Future, and the Inspiration Behind Kollection’s Bucket Hat


I visited LA for the first time when I was in my early teens circa 2010.

I grew up in the Bay Area and had always dreamed of seeing the city where all my heroes frolicked and recorded hits. My family had planned a couple of days in Newport before heading to LA proper and when we finally arrived, I had my sights set on one specific street: Fairfax. When the day finally arrived, I tossed on a presumably fake Supreme hat and a floral crewneck, ecstatic.

I romanticized Fairfax because of, you guessed it, Odd Future. Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All! In 2008, they dropped their first Odd Future Tape and it rocked my entire existence. While very little was known about them at this point, they made it known that Fairfax was their stomping ground.

It wasn’t that I was expecting to run into Tyler or Earl, I just wanted to see the culture hub that I had psychoanalyzed in countless music videos and vlogs. The closest thing I had known to a Fairfax was Haight Street in San Francisco which seemed played out because you see, Haight was cool in the 60’s. Fairfax was cool in 2010. Odd Future was cool in 2010. And there I was.

When I arrived, I probably told my dad that I thought it was dope and after we walked up and down the street said I was ready to leave. My “lid” and “fit” were borderline embarrassing in the context of the streetwear I walked passed. And the bucket hats. Oh, the bucket hats. SO dope. 

When I got back to The Bay, I ordered a couple buckets online, a fake chain with the money I made scalping concert tickets, and some harder crewnecks that were inspired by the style I had seen with my own eyes. 

In 2011, Rock The Bells came to town and Odd Future was booked to play. I was deep into music journalism at this point so I had backstage passes and knew I might see some of my heroes on site. I threw on my hardest fit imaginable, featuring a 2 Chainz crewneck and a bucket hat, and hit the show. I saw Earl, Jasper, and Action Bronson freestyle battling. Riff Raff complimented me on my fit (less cool in retrospect). Danny Brown laughed with me at how I ran around the photo pit. My “lid” was fresh and my “fit” went stupid.

And so…

Thanks for the inspiration Fairfax.

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