Exclusive Interview: Slenderbodies

California-based musical duo Slenderbodies has seen a meteoric rise in their relatively short career thus far, already having performed with the likes of Mura Masa, PVRIS, and Milky Chance. Guitarist Ben Barsocchini and vocalist/guitarist Max Vehuni have managed to travel and tour around the world whilst still releasing an impressively steady flow of inspired content.

The Kollection was lucky enough to catch the duo on the tail end of their international tour and sit down with them to discuss the Slenderbodies project, talk about the release of their newest single “King“, and pick their brains about plans for the future.


How do you guys think your style has changed since your previous album, Sotto Vocce?


“Sotto Voce was the infancy of Slenderbodies (Slenderbabies, if you will). The largest differentiating factor is growth and wisdom.”


“I think that it has really come back to simplicity and songwriting. Sotto Voce and even Fabulist were so much about the sonics and finding the soundscape that we wanted that now it’s all about how well the song flows, and if it has legs to stand on without the sound of a bunch of guitars and layers.”

Vehuni also touches on the growth of the group since their first emergence on the music scene…


“The music has matured significantly, from our abilities as songwriters, instrumentalists and vocalists, to our experience being storytellers, allowing us to be more dynamic, expand the worlds we create, and develop more concise and accessible projects.”

What does this new single “King” mean to you?


“This new single fits pretty snug within the whole concept of our EP Soraya. The EP is essentially about this woman, Soraya, who we have personified as an amalgamation of all the important women in our lives.


“King pays homage to the strong women in our lives (mothers, friends, intimate partners) that have helped us grow creatively, with strong support and inspiration.” adds Vehuni.


“King” is an ode to the women in our lives who have believed in us unconditionally, specifically in regard to creativity. there’s so much self-doubt that comes with making anything, and “King” celebrates that it’s not just about the creators, but the people in their lives as well.”

What’s next for Slenderbodies?


“There is SO MUCH IN STORE for 2019 and onward. tons of new music, visual projects, tours, merch, experiences, and MORE. Next year is going to be a plethora of tours, new music and new adventures.”

The pair speaks with such hopeful ambition for what’s to come. We at The Kollection are all looking forward to where the Slenderbodies journey takes these two!

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