Exclusive Interview: Polo & Pan

Polo & Pan is one of the most exciting groups in the international scope of contemporary music. With an eclectic balance of digital modulation and classical instrumentation, this act that seemingly everyone is dying to see has shaped a sound that is beautiful, refreshing, and extremely danceable. The Kollection is excited to share this interview in which we pick the duo’s brains to get a better understanding of who they are as a musical entity and what to expect from here on out. We hope you enjoy the interview paired with our favorite Polo & Pan content.

Photo by Juliette Abitbol

1. Quite a few of your listeners do not realize that while together you are Polo & Pan- Polocorp & Peter Pan are two unique individuals. What are some similarities and differences between the two of you?

We are a bipolar entity constantly compensating for the other’s mood swings…

… like two unstable atoms floating around that find a STRONG molecular structure when combined.

Photo by Barrere & Simon

2. Some of the greatest duos function with a ying and yang relationship- the yin, the dark swirl, is associated with shadows, femininity, and the trough of a wave and the yang, the light swirl, represents brightness, passion and growth. Do you feel this relationship applies to you two? If so, who is ying and who is yang?

Luckily we both have some ying and yang within us. It really depends on the days, we both have our dreams and energy that we inject into the project, then again we both have a dark side that we like share with the moon on the deepest nights.

One major element of the duo’s music that we adore is captured beautifully in the video for Couer Croisé… that element being the French acceptance and flaunting of romance and sensuality. Art can and at times quite frankly SHOULD be sexually driven… As nearly all of their vocals are in the most romantic of the romance languages, Polo & Pan is happy to fill this gap- often using phonetics to blur the lines between the singing and the instrumental.

3. There have been many French producers and disc jockeys who have paved the way yet your sound does not quite parallel the likes of Daft Punk or Justice, where within French culture do you draw inspiration and are there any artists who contributed to your unique sound and song structure?

Of course, Daft Punk and Justice have had a large influence on us. We grew up listening to them. We were also deeply inspired by another French duo, AIRMoon Safari is a really important album for both of us. There are many French artists that we draw inspiration from: we could also mention Vladimir Cosma, Serge Gainsbourg or Maurice Ravel.

Photo by Virgile Guinard

4. If Polo & Pan were to throw a festival, who are the three headliners?

At the moment we could go for Asa Moto, Jacques and Kaytranada.

Check out the remixes that launched Polo & Pan’s career from 2014 and are not featured on Spotify in the playlist above. If you like the original mix of Dorothy, be sure to check out the club friendly edit for a more upbeat experience.

5. After the critical acclaim and success of the recent album, how does one follow up? While touring must be taking most of your time- have things changed since the release?

Indeed the pressure is on us to follow up with a bold second album. We really need to get to that place were we can create freely and develop some fresh new ideas and production tricks… We’ve been touring so much, the studio feels like a place from the past these days… However, we have been talking a lot about the next record and outlining some track ideas on the road. We can’t wait to go try them out.

Thank you so much to these two creators of musical fantasies that are…


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