Elina’s EP, Remember, is a Beautiful Reminder of the Brilliance of Swedish Songwriters

Elina Stridh is back, and we’ve been excited to hear from her. Her most recent singles Blue and Paper Planes dropped in May and March respectively. So yes, she’s only released two singles this year so far, but that says a lot about Elina as an artist.

Having started out as a songwriter, you can definitely tell she has been used to being behind the scenes – a quiet yet integral guiding hand behind artists like Zara Larsson, NEIKED, and Astrid S.

Elina isn’t in it for anything but the beauty of the music, and she wears her heart on her sleeve in her songs. Her vocals are as raw and real as they are wistfully delicate. Her discography ebbs and flows like a good book, all strung together by the storyteller in her. Don’t listen to her songs if you want something to play in the background; these pieces are atmospheric, impactful, and to be quite honest, deserving of your full attention. It’s no mistake that she’s been teasing this EP for a year now; it’s only fitting that her release is a slow burn just like her musical and vocal style.

Her lyrics are so true to life that they’d make anyone nostalgic. “How” and “Remember” are both tracks that are just now seeing the light of day, and it’s no mistake that she saved them for last. “How” is a heartbreaking reflection on a lost and broken love – that feeling of emptiness after losing someone you put your heart and soul into and the hardship of finding yourself again. “Remember” is just as haunting, a bittersweet ode to a struggling significant other – the desperation and helplessness that comes with seeing someone you love crumbling and the nostalgic happiness of the past that she conjures up as a source of hope.

You can listen to Elina’s Remember EP here!

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