Duskus – Where To Go

With his latest release, Duskus proves that sometimes less is more. Too many artists try to overcomplicate their music with unnecessary layers, exaggerated processing, and a lack of fluidity. Thankfully, that is not the case here! Where To Go is a delicate emotional masterpiece that leaves one asking, “Should I dance or should I cry?” How about both! Duskus perfectly integrates his own style on this tune, seamlessly transitioning from the somber intro section into a buttery smooth minimalistic dance beat.

Following the theme of simplicity, the intro features ony two elements. Vocal chops and echoed synth chords- that’s all. Yet, it still pulls the listener’s attention into the track immediately. Duskus builds the track slowly, bringing in hi-hats, a sub-bass, different vocal chops, as the lead melancholy singer repeating the question, “Where to go?” The snare drums build up into an effective drop that consists of a bouncy bass line, a kick drum, and the vocal chops from the intro section raised an octave higher. Three layers. That’s all it takes for Duskus to make us dance! Of course, he pushes things a few steps further by meticulously adding strategic percussion, synth pads, and the lead vocal back in.

If you’re tired of mainstream commercialized dance music, Duskus is your man. His artistic take on electronic music delivers beautiful tracks time after time while maintaining the energy and spirit to dance. I found that same beauty when I first heard his collaboration with fellow Bitbird label artist (and founder) San Holo. Be sure to keep up to date with all of Duskus’ creations and social media!