Don’t Miss Out On KUOKO’s “Birds On The Fire Escape” (Original and Suff Daddy Remix)

With the passing of each year, there are thousands of songs which will be forgotten and left in the oversaturated sea of sounds for the foreseeable future. Upon discovering KUOKO’s Birds On The Fire Escape I felt personally responsible to ensure that this track does not fall into that category.

KUOKO’s ethereal voice could be compared to the Filous or Regina Spektors of the industry but it is isolated in its childish- and I mean that in the best way possible- cadence and seemingly strange annunciations of simple phrases. The instrumental acts like a gust of wind, when isolated it may not stand out, but when you add KUOKO’s voice to the landscape it is suddenly filled with a flourishing pattern of leaves and… birds.

Most impressively, the lyrics almost have me breaking one of my hard-set rules: never refer to a song as cute. Blech. But I’ll be damned, the image that the song evokes of Kuoko feeding birds on the fire escape while everyone else is at lunch is just about as close as I’ll ever get to slipping up. While I’m partial to the original, I have included the Suff Daddy remix below which was released more recently and places a tasteful spin on the original- slowed down and trippy on the ears.