Dominic Fike – Don’t Forget About Me, Demos


Dominic Fike will become a household name this Friday when all the Spotify playlists update- you will know his name. Along with his name you will hear a two part story over and over again:

Dominic is becoming a bit of an urban legend within the music scene because of the attention he received after releasing 3 Nights which was discovered by virtually every A&R… while he was doing time at Collier County. His mugshot and speculation will soon be blasted everywhere by the media and I’m sure the details will all be released very soon.

This bidding war concluded with Dominic signing a $3-4 million dollar deal and today the music is up on Spotify for the first time. Billie Eilish, Russ and many more are already vetting for him.

We at The Kollection could not care less about the charges he faced or the bidding war bud sadly those are the two stories that will sensationalize his career and fuel months worth of click-bait. Quite frankly, being young is hard and an altercation which leads to imprisonment doesn’t define you- especially in the state where officers have been reported to “boost stats.”

N0w, f*ck the jail time, f*ck the industry talk… just listen to the music. It’s really quite incredible and refreshing- sonically in a similar lane as Gus Dapperton or Still Woozy while visually a bit more Lil Pump. The content is raw, the voice is there, his guitar style is mesmerizing… we are hooked. Let us know what you think because we’re loving it and here to support DF for the long haul.