Dombresky X KLCTN: Photoshoot, Q&A and Giveaway


The Kollection had the recent pleasure of catching up with Parisian heavy-hitter Dombresky for a photoshoot and Q&A, discussing the significance of his upcoming show at Insomniac’s Academy LA. Why is this show unique from all the others he plays? “I have made Los Angeles home for the time being, so to be able to come here [and play] my own headlining show is really something I am looking forward to.” While he brought a slew of beautiful, primarily monochromatic streetwear to the shoot, Dombresky prefers to keep his outfits “pretty standard” when performing. “I have been playing in denim for a very long time so that is my go-to.

In preparing musically for his set, Dombresky relies on platforms like Beatport which “recently has been having an influence on my sets in general.” With the recent downturn of SoundCloud and the contemporary reliance on the major streaming platforms, “[Beatport is] really a good tool to find new music.” Much of the music found in KLCTN sets, playlists, and personal must-plays were discovered on the site through its genre-specific filtering and artist curated selections.

Those who rely on chart-toppers will lack a certain originality in their sets, so even with the help of discovery platforms, one must set themselves apart from the masses. “I think that I have my own unique style to bring to each and every set so it comes down to where I am playing that will decide the direction I take my sets.” He’s playing one of LA’s flashiest new clubs, so we can expect him to

There is a feeling from the crowd when you are in the DJ booth that tells you whether they are with you or not,” he relates, listing Eli Brown, Solardo, and Mason Maynard as three artists who are masters of eliciting this feeling. For some Dombresky set staples – selected time and again for the guaranteed burst of crowd energy – check out this selection, handpicked by the man himself:

Whether you’re a French DJ/producer or just a dedicated fan of electronic music, you’ve likely heard of Cercle, a livestream-events company based in France that throws some of the most innovative and spectacular events in the world. Centered around one-of-a-kind locations, their past venues include Chambord Castle, Museum of Air and Space Paris, and The Grand Palais des Champs-Élysées. We asked Dombresky what he would do if he could creatively direct his own Cercle set. Here’s the lowdown:


Place de la Comédie

34000 Montpellier (his hometown!)


Boston Bun

You can consider that added to The K’s bucket list.

A big thanks to Dombresky and his team, and to our photographer on the case Glen Matheny for capturing these incredible pictures. Click HERE to enter to win two free tickets to next week’s show!