Dear Mr. Kind (Events in the Time of Corona, September 2020)

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Dear Mr. Kind, (September 2020)

Graphic by Tristan Cahn

Dear Mr. Kind,

Thank you for your description of what it’s like to live in LA! I have been here for roughly 2 years and think you really hit the nail on the head. Also, as a follower of The K who has had lots of questions typed out in your team’s DMs but never followed through because I don’t want to be a bother, I am very happy that you took this monthly advice column live. 

OK so here is my question and I am going to keep it short… if the whole city is still shut down and we are in a pandemic, how are people still throwing parties? Like ticketed parties… As a dude who wants nothing more than a huge night out and typically jumps on any opportunity to lose myself in a crowd, that just feels fucked up right now and isn’t it… illegal? I don’t need to get into the numbers but I just figure people who love music and events would be respectful and recognize that this is delaying ACTUAL CONCERTS.

I won’t say any names but scowering Twitter and Instagram has me so confused. Hope you’re doing well and have some answers for me!


Still Watching Livestreams

Dearest Still Watching Livestreams,

Thank you for writing in and bringing a very relevant question to our attention! While your letter was short, it seems you are what we’d call “the bigger person” … or at least you’ve been being him. Let’s talk about a couple people who haven’t so that we can break down the commonalities.

Ok first, EDM’s dumb and dumber (more commonly known as The Chainsmokers) played a show in the Hamptons to nobody’s surprise. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo shamed them and the promoters of the Safe & Sound Drive-In Concert Fundraiser that was supposed to be 600 socially distanced cars. Like, what? Ultimately, @chisanashi on twitter said it best: “y’all risked corona………for the ….. chainsmokers…….”

The next show that comes to mind is the Shrek soundtrack cover band, Smash Mouth, who played at a South Dakota motorcycle rally that is now linked to the spread of nearly 200 cases of Covid-19. During their show they yelled, “Fuck that Covid shit” to a sea of not sharp tools. Over the 10 days of the rally, 462,182 vehicles entered the town of Sturgis.

The third show that comes to mind is a series of events hosted by the aspiring straight edge influencer promoter, Pure Musica, who have been shamelessly throwing and promoting substance (and mask) free events up and down the West Coast.

These teenagers are charging $50 a ticket and hosting productions in party hubs that are outdoors but otherwise show a blatant disregard for COVID prevention. While they claim to be spreading love and taking precautions, they are unfortunately spreading germs from city to city and taking advantage of a demographic who “lives fearlessly” (read: “is selfish”).

Most recently, a festival with fire dancers and confirmed reports of a fatality took place in the Mojave during the midst of the heat wave. The organizers of Reunite Fest, Rick Silver who got his big break acting in “The Dog Who Saved Halloween” back in 2011 and his girlfriend (who can be found on Instagram as @ricksilversgirlfriend) also CLAIM they threw the event with good intentions, but hunny, how much does intention really matter at the end of the day when someone died and it is impossible to track how many people contaminated one another at your 800-person rave?

The apologies from these two, the talent booker Mansion who made note he was only there because of his “impressive vibe curation skills”, and The Love Bus (who we once loved and respected) have been shameless and half-hearted. 

Tom the Dancing Bug 403

The truth of the matter is that while music is and always will be an incredibly beautiful thing that does have the power of bringing beautiful people together for beautiful moments, it can be used by ignorant people (who may actually believe that they have good intentions) to gather other ignorant people by the hundreds. There are people who will throw events and are fully aware that they risk the lives of others in doing so for profit or confused clout. There are people who don’t care about anyone else and think that music is a way of justifying that. It’s not. 

I have no doubt that our team misses throwing events more than 99% of organizations out there, but we won’t. We can’t. Our eyes are on Europe where they’ve flattened the curve and are back to throwing shows without the risk of losing another life. We want that. We will wait for that. We urge everyone to do the same. Nobody is perfect, but to any and all promoters considering throwing something: please don’t. 

Thanks for writing in and we have nothing but the most respect for you! 

Sending you love,

Mr. Kind

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