(KLCTN Premiere) Damian Hurts – Techno Show

The Kollection receives submissions every day and for the most part- we read each and every one of them. The subject line usually reads, “New Future-Bass BANGER from ClawDropper,” or “Check out my Killers remix,” and the quality always varies. When I opened my e-mail and saw that I had received an e-mail with the subject Damian Hurts and The Exclusive Truth, I knew this was not going to be your typical submission. The e-mail read:

Hi there,

We are Damian Hurts and The Exclusive Truth. We have enjoyed your ability to capture the essence of an artist in recent and past articles- we would like you to write the first feature on our project. Attached is our music- if you don’t like it, don’t respond.


Damian Hurts and The Exclusive Truth

After 30 seconds into the track, we were sold. Damian Hurts and The Exclusive Truth is a duo- we spoke over the phone. The obvious first question to me when writing this was- what inspiration did you find from the contemporary artist Damien Hirst? For those of you who are not familiar, ironically- these artists claim they weren’t aware of anyone with that name. The rest of the discussion remained on this course- I was never quite sure who was speaking and whether they were being serious. That being said, I really liked them. Check out the this track they’ve released and then I highly encourage you to read up on this duo who might just be the next big thing.

So tell me a bit about how you are influenced by or what your views are on Damien Hirst.

*Both simoultaneously* Who is that?

Perhaps the similarity in name was just a coincidence… The infamous exhibition by Damien Hirst titled The Exclusive Truth made this seem improbable.

“OK,” I followed up, “So which one of you is Damian Hurts and which is The Exclusive Truth?”

“We’re both very sure of who the other one is but the other one is never sure about who he is,” the smoother pitched voice of the duo retorted. For reference, we will call him and the more spastic voice who I believe is responsible for the vocals on the tracks Z

X followed up with this statement providing the first momentary clarity of the discussion, “Together we are Damien Hurts and The Exclusive Truth. Separately, to you, we are probably nobody!”

Interesting, while it will be available for stream in our feature, how would you describe your music?

X: People smile when they hear it. That makes us smile.

Z: It make people dance better.

And, why do you make music?

Z: We don’t want grow up, we don’t want to be famous, we’re not in it for the money.

X: We just want to hang out in Ibiza and watch people fall in love at the rave.

Of course, don’t we all. So, where are you from?

X: Damian Hurts and The Exclusive Truth is from the coast but lives in the city.

Z: Really, Damian Hurts and The Exclusive Truth lives somewhere in the coexistence of our minds and we’re slowly beginning the process of making our way into yours.

I pause to say you can almost hear the duo smiling on the other end of the phone despite the somewhat monotone set of responses which I couldn’t tell at the tame whether they were hyper-specific or overly vague. The duo just seemed happy to be finally getting their story and begun to loosen up as if they finally felt they could just be themselves, or be Damien Hurts and The Exclusive Truth… (what a mouth full).

We know why you’re making music, what are your immediate and longterm goals?

X: To spend as much time as possible at the techno show while we’re not working, to eat nice food, meet nice people, try delicious cocktails, and never retire.

Z:  I want to learn more languages so we can make music specific to obscure countries like Djibouti and Panama.

Who are your inspirations?

X: Emma Watson.

Z: Keira Knightley.

Is there a political drive behind your music?

X: Nowadays everything is political. You can’t escape it. There are screens everywhere and often they are yelling at you- be it an unworthy leader or satan himself.

Z: But some screens are good, any screen can be good if you use it for that purpose. No matter what you do, you have to hone in on love and happiness. Be there for those you love and really be there for those who love you. That’s the whole point of this project and thus it definitely shows in our music.

How do you feel about the influence of substances on the live music culture?

X: Stay educated, stay hydrated, and look out for your friends. Do as you please as long as it doesn’t affect others. Don’t piss off your parents because they love you

Z: If you make a choice, that choice is yours.

Do you believe there is a connection between music and religion?

Z: I think there’s a little bit of god in all of us and a little bit of the devil us. The short answer? Absolutely.

What do you hate most in life?

X: When the tide comes in and knocks over my umbrella.

Z: Bureaucracy. 

I’d like to give you guys a second to just tell us whatever you please as I know this is your introduction to the world. Go ahead whenever you’re ready.

X: Lots of new music coming soon. Follow us on social media- our friend who works the night shift at Mel’s Drive-In controls it for us.

Z: We always wear sunglasses.

The phone clicks as they hang up without saying goodbye.

While the whole conversation was peculiar, the music speaks.