Crumb Releases Official Video For “Nina” and Announces Debut Album “Jinx”

Yesterday was an exciting day for indie fans as the Brooklyn-based psychedelic dream-pop band Crumb announced that their debut album, Jinx, is due to come out on June 14th. This announcement came alongside the release of their second single off of the upcoming album, “Nina.” The release of this new single was accompanied by a music video, directed– like all of Crumb’s videos to this point– by Haoyan of America.

Crumb rose to prominence in the indie world after the release of EPs Crumb and Locket. The band has gained a large following with their sleepy, jazzy take on psych rock, exemplified by songs like “Bones,” “Plants,” and “Locket.” Crumb fans wooed by these bleary-eyed lullabies on their first two EPs have no reason to fear the band has shifted focus. Both “Nina” and the first single from the album, “Part III,” share the ethereal, rainy day in bed, psychedelic pop sound that brought national attention to the band’s earlier EPs.

Like “Part III,” “Nina”  comfortably falls within the same realm as their entire discography without seeking to exclusively parallel any individual track. “Nina” features Crumb’s characteristic juxtaposition of sing-songy structure with melancholic lyrics and vocals from frontwoman Lila Romani over Brian Aronow’s keys, while drummer Jonathan Gilad’s fills keep the song exciting without going so far as to pull you out of your synth-induced trance.

alt="Woman plays guitar and man plays drums in concert"

Photo by Craig Zirpolo

Crumb is currently wrapping up their nearly entirely sold out 23-stop tour of the United States and will likely announce another tour after the release of the album. Given the attention they gained with their first two EPs and the strength of the two singles released thus far from the upcoming album, do not be surprised to see them take a much larger place in the indie rock world and play some bigger venues near you in the coming year.

Stream Crumb’s top tracks below to prepare for the greatness which is to come.