Closer Look: 94′ Jungle

Electronic music wasn’t always the glossy, highly accessible sound that the mainstream sees today. It used to be heavier, more abrasive, and trickier to pin down. Before the massive festivals and radio hits were deep, elusive underground movements, something that the smaller niche cultures strive for today. Decades ago, much like the golden era of hip-hop, the genre’s best gems were hidden in the midst of the larger shouting match, born from crate diggers and kept alive by the hardcore fans. Among the storm of sounds that came in the 90s were acid house, techno, drum and bass, and of course, the beautifully chaotic UK Jungle movement.

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Jungle is, like many electronic subcultures, an amalgamation of sonic influences. It carries the rapid tempo of drum and bass while peppering in a rich variety of jazz and soul samples. The songs expand vastly with notes of electronica and equally shift on a dime. One of the joys of the scene is how a stroke of genius can come and go in the blink of an eye. The wild tracks of the genre are labeled appropriately, as they deliver a ferocious, overwhelming jungle of noise.

Danny Breaks

1994 saw a beautiful year for jungle bangers, where the cutting edge tracks began to slowly leak out into the larger electronic world. In true cult fashion, much of the music is difficult to track down, some available to stream, some buried in the internet abyss, some lost in the era. But with the help of some collaborative K crowdsourcing and some deep search engine sleuthing, we compiled some unhinged jungle pieces to bring some much needed pace to the slow workweek.


Tom & Jerry – Maximum Style (Lover to Lover)

D’Cruze – Lonely

Photek – Consciousness

Dillinja- The Angels Fell

Danny Breaks- Firin’ Line

Leviticus- The Burial

Johnny Jungle- Johnny ’94 (Dillinja Remix)

Skool of Hard Knocks- Everybody

Cool Hand Flex- Melody Madness

Flatliner, Liftin’ Spirits- The Big Bang (Liftin’ Spirits Remix)

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