CHAOS: Official Recap Video & Photo Gallery

We teamed up with JACQUES COCO on July 13th, 2019 to throw our biggest event to date. We had over 25 partners on the night and- quite literally- hundreds of people were involved in executing the final product.

This is CHAOS.

“I’m Still Not Clear On Chaos”


Photos by Glen Matheny & Kaytee Rae

It all began with a mental image of a venue made up of two conjoined rooms parallel in size and structure. The wall dividing the two rooms is open only by a singular door frame- preferably tall and rounded. The door frame should also be equidistant from the entrance and the far wall.

Using this mental framework, a clear divide between the two spaces allows for infinite paired ideas which would later shape the entirety of one’s experience.

In one room, an event much like those that The Kollection has thrown in the past- a DJ, drinking, dancing, and an unapologetic display of “I needed this” on the faces of friends. What was to be on the other side never became quite clear to me until I moved to LA and had two memorable experiences.

The first experience was attending an art show that felt much like a large family gathering in which everyone was intoxicated by the artwork, the alcohol and each other. Quite simply put, it felt two parts wholesome and one part rowdy and I remained a fly on the wall.

The second experience was a conversation, which lead to a series of conversations, in which I was asked if I had any inclination to throw an event that would allow for poetry to be read. At that very moment, I did.

The hunt for an optimal pairing was complete- on one side of the wall a party in full swing and on the other… close friends ogling over contemporary art whilst smiling at the comfort of a poet on a small stage. The contrast in the two decorations would be night and day and the singular door would allow one to travel into an entirely different reality.

The drive to both blend and divide music/techno, art, poetry, drinking, dancing, family, and friends with the help of a well thought out juxtaposition of two spaces had consumed me.

“Interestingly enough, it appears that many of those in attendance tonight were at that very same art show- both then and now, supporting our close friend Tony Camaro … and the innovative mind, Emily Moore, who brought about the idea of an event which would allow for poetry is both reading tonight and co-producing the event alongside The Kollection team.”

The first harsh realization was that the two-room, one-door venue could never possibly exist in reality.

A prospective partner told me that he had a house we could host our event at in Laurel Canyon- we excitedly agreed to this idea and a partnership was formed. Jorge, co-owner of JACQUES COCO, revealed that this house in Laurel Canyon would allow us to scale the vision of two rooms into half a dozen and so we began looking for anyone with talent that would impress our community.

Suddenly, we were proposing artist directed rooms, vendors lined up and down the hallway, and poetry being read in an isolated meditation hut of sorts.

A plan was pitched accordingly and after hours of discussion, it was approved and pronounced: Chaos In The Canyon.

You can not drive a large, soon-to-be eloquently spray-painted van into any house…

A 10 man ensemble would knock into one another in any living room turned stage and/or dancefloor.

Perhaps with this in mind, the universe and construction shed light on the fact that no event would be feasible at our confirmed location. Chaos in the Canyon was renamed to CHAOS with just weeks until the event.

Every we are so fucked moment lead to growth. Due to the chaos (in retrospect, the perfect name) which ensued, we were forced to scale things much larger than any of us could have ever expected or even hoped for.

With no exaggeration, hundreds of people dedicated their time and effort to get us to where we are today- many of whom knowingly would not be able to attend.

Jacques and Jorge- thank you for buckling down and championing…

Emily- ready to start planning the next one when you say the word…

… and to all the artists and vendors and your friends and family and most of all to The Kollection’s friends and family who came out tonight- thank you so much. 

Kenzie, Bryce, Mitch, Drake, and the rest of The K team- words cannot express how much I love and appreciate you every day.

We’re blessed every day to see our dreams come to life-

“facilitat[ing] fleeting moments of abnormality to you through the shared experiences of The Kollection friends and family time and time again.”

With love,