Caribou, We’ve Missed You

After 5 long years, Dan Snaith has stepped back from the decks, put the headphones down, and picked up a microphone again. Annie Mac’s ‘Hottest Record In The World’ for October 8th was “Home,” marking the return of electronic-psychedelia mavens Caribou. When asked about the record on Mac’s revered BBC Radio 1 show, Snaith remarked, “We’ve all had moments when something changes suddenly and catalyses a change in your whole life – when you need to go back to something familiar, pick up the pieces and start again.”

Structured upon a warm ‘70s soul sample from Gloria Barnes’ appropriately-titled “Home,” sections are tastefully chopped, looped, and spliced together to form a duet between Barnes and Snaith that feels like a step in a new direction for Caribou, but still remains as emotional and dancefloor-friendly as we’ve come to expect. The song’s spot-lit loop is bolstered by Snaith’s signature production in a way that preserves the sample’s integrity while also repurposing it into an infectious track all on its own. Caribou’s penchant for evoking reflection in listeners has always been evident throughout their releases, and with this hiatus-breaking single, we’re reminded of that familiar feeling. 

Snaith had spent the past couple of years cultivating his DJ persona “Daphni” across festivals and dancefloors in every corner of the world with the likes of Four Tet, Floating Points, and countless other respected selectors. This schedule hasn’t slowed his output, however, as he released the full length “Joli Mai” in 2017 and more recently 2019’s “Sizzling” EP, both of which are brimming with tracks for DJs to curate long nights of dancing and grooving. Behind the decks as “Daphni,” Snaith is an avid crate-digger with a musical range that is matched by few, but while any alias he dons is sure to bring its own unique flavor and bear his lauded organic production, many have longed for the return of the Caribou project. 

A full live band has helped translate Snaith’s vivid and thoughtful Caribou compositions to the stage throughout his career, building a reputation as a brilliant live act, especially while touring behind their kaleidoscopic 2014 album, the Grammy-nominated “Our Love.” Along with this single, the band has also announced a full tour which you can find here (CA dates conveniently omitted around a certain annual desert happening). Caribou have found themselves back together again, and everyone is watching with a keen eye to see what will happen next.