Buzzy Lee – Facepaint

A Woman of Many Talents

For those of you who aren’t familiar with young female vocalist, Buzzy Lee, and her beautifully-executed premier EP, ‘Facepaint‘, maybe you’d recognize her behind the stage name… it’s the ever-so-talented Sasha Spielberg herself. Sasha has long been searching for a sound that is undeniably hers– first recording under the moniker Wardwell alongside her brother, Theo, then experimenting with fresher sounds in the joint project, Just Friends, an electronic-downtempo collab with her long-time friend, the exceptionally talented producer Nicolas Jaar.

Sasha has decided to take her music in an entirely new direction with Buzzy Lee, straying away from the overwhelmingly production-focused music she had been making with Just Friends, instead bringing her beautiful emotionally-charged vocals to the forefront. Buzzy Lee’s premier EP, ‘Facepaint’, is an elegant construction of ballad-like vocals fused with hints of Nicolas Jaar’s minimalistic yet powerful production.

The first release off the EP, titled “Coolhead”, clearly sticks out like a sore thumb compared to the rest of its slow-paced romantic tracks. However, this upbeat and poppy masterpiece is simply giving credit where credit is due– as it perfectly showcases both Sasha and Nicolas Jaar’s unique talents in a flawless meld of the two.

This EP is an absolute must-listen so I’ll go ahead and make it easy for you by linking it right HERE.