BLVC SVND is Working Harder Than You

BLVC SVND, also known as Big Grain (formerly Lil Grain) is a Los Angeles based rapper that has taken full advantage of the internet as a means for promoting art. His Twitter handle is full of self curated ads for his beats, reposts, verses and masters while his supporters continually bombarde his Instagram comments in missions to make the explore page. A true embodiment of the DIY American dream of the internet, BLVC SVND is a true hustler at heart who is his own manager, producer, engineer, and songwriter. After the release of five projects last year alone spanning in genres from rap, rock, electronic, and R&B and a new mixtape “City Boy” kicking off 2019 just a few days ago, it’s never been a question of when this man will explode, it’s merely a matter of time.
I should also mention that he just landed his first million view video on youtube and he’s not even old enough to drink yet.

The self-proclaimed “Grim Reaper of the Rap Game,” has built a career off of his fearless pursuit of creativity and infectious aura of self-love. BLVC SVND’s style and voice, both in person and on record, give the true impression of passion project in multiple senses. You can truly feel that every track produced, every twitter rant, and every carefully calculated outfit are a result of only what he truly loves and believes in, regardless of what others do. Still fully independent of any contracts or labels, “City Boy,” continues right on this path as a focused, rich, and powerful display of just all of the energy and charisma that BLVC SVND has to offer.

Self described as the most versatile album he’s ever made, “City Boy,” has something for everyone, never lacking in precision or sonic color. The opening tracks “FINNA GET RICH,” and “MURDER ON ME MENTAL,” kick off the project in style and dominance with hard hitting beats. Tracks like these feel like a well deserved showcase of the young rapper’s undeniable individuality with his signature eccentric voice and lo-li atmospheric beats.
Later on “City Boy,” we see the young artist showcase his smoother electronic side with tracks like “GET OUT MY FACE,” and “WHEN I WAKE UP.” Despite the seemingly aggressive lyrics in the hook “I don’t like your attitude, get out my face now,” the track is in actuality gorgeous and vibey, feeling like more of a dismissal of bad energy than an invitation of conflict. Following track “WHEN I WAKE UP,” is an infectious ode to self love as BLVC SVND boasts about him wearing exactly what he wants, and doing it eloquently. It is rewarding to see such powerful dialogue of self love and uniqueness amidst a genre that is severely oversaturated with surface level materiality.

When BLVC SVND says he’s real, it’s not just for show, he means it truly and thoroughly. The ability of such a young artist to be so well adjusted to his own talent as well as the music industry is hard to find in today’s time, especially in the hip-hop space. What’s next for Big Grain is surely a larger dose of intriguing music and a promising career that will refuse to compromise success for artistic vision. When it comes to the American dream of musical superstardom, BLVC SVND is doing it, and he’s not sacrificing what he believes in to do it either.