Big Wild – Joypunks / Maker

Big news from Big Wild! With the release of two new singles, Joypunks and Maker, Big Wild announced his debut album ‘Superdream’ and North American tour today. Jackson’s music never fails to amaze us, and his fresh indie-electronic style with both these singles has us eager for the full album release.

Joypunks quenches our thirst for that classic Big Wild sound we’ve all grown so fond of. His timeless electronic style shines throughout the track, showcasing his signature upbeat pumping chords layered with a catchy vocal chop melody. The outro of Joypunks is nothing short of phenomenal. The groovy bassline and wonky guitar underneath the hard-hitting drums make it practically irresistible to groove to.

Maker starts with an ethereal synth arpeggio accompanied with airy Tame Impala-esque vocals that just ooze atmosphere. Big Wild’s ability to slow down time while retaining high energy throughout Maker is outstanding. He so effortlessly puts us in this sort of dance trance. The track fades out repeating the vocal “I can wait, I can wait, I can wait…” but I seriously can not wait for the rest of this album set to release. 

Mark your calendars…February 1st, 2019!

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