Big Little Lies Season 3: Klangstof Foreshadows New Season, New Cast, And New Setting- Amsterdam?!

We may have seen all we’re going to see of the Monterey Five.

Could the Amsterdam 5 be next?

Big Little Lies concluded with a jarringly sudden ending and a cryptic press release from HBO president, Casey Bloys, who stated the following: “There’s no obvious place to go or no obvious story.” Now, fans are quite literally demanding new content from the Big Little Lies camp.

This is HOLLYWOOD, and the franchise simply has too much momentum to stop in its tracks- there is money to be made and they say the third time is the charm. When you leave fans with a sense of “now what?” and “is that it?”, there is only one thing you can do: go big and switch it up. Following the lead of every jaded college third-year looking for a rebrand and some added flavor, the network seems to have chosen to take their third season abroad to…

SPOTTED- Amsterdam’s hottest band spotted near BAMTECH HQ with smiles on their faces. 

Amsterdam. Why does this photo matter? Because Klangstof is the ultimate tastemaker band out of Amsterdam, and because they just released the above-featured rendition of “Cold Little Heart” (the opening theme of Big Little Lies). What’s a better way to cement yourself in with the tastemakers and foreshadow the next season than to have a hometown act from your new location flip the theme? If Klangstof was at BAMTECH Media, they were (not coincidentally) sitting in the room with the same company who launched HBO Now in 2015 and scaled the platform for Game of Thrones.

This insight, in addition to some of the following tips from our sources, pushed us to bring you this breaking news before everyone else catches wind. HBO execs recently visited Amsterdam to cast Josha Stradowski out of the Academy of Theatre and Dance as the protagonist of the new HBO series, The Wheel Of Time. Since then, there have been numerous accounts of industry exec and celebrity spottings at the city’s renowned Amstel hotel (where, at one point, Drake and Jamie Foxx reportedly played a bar mitzvah). One of these spottings was the star of the highly anticipated film The Goldfinch, who we believe to have also been cast as the lead of Season 3–with any luck.

Who is the lead you ask? Our sources believe that it is Australian actress Ashleigh Cummings, who stars alongside none other than Nicole Kidman in The Goldfinch…filmed on location in–you guessed it–AMSTERDAM.

You can see this evidence/footage from the upcoming film’s trailer below:

More proof? After Season 2 lacked a certain force to it, many critics argued that the 5% love/95% hate-relationship which viewers had with the abusive counterpart to Nicole Kidman’s character tainted the show’s intensity. Perry, who died in Season One and was played by Alexander Skarsgård, may be coming back or potentially helping with the direction/casting of the show. If you can’t use Alexander in the new season, why not use his brother! Sure enough, Alexander was spotted eating dinner in Amsterdam with his brother Bill Skarsgård and some other potential castings that could shape a hell of a Dutch housewife/husband tale: Joel Kinnaman, Olivia Munn, and Fares Fares (who is featured in yet another HBO production, Chernobyl).

Are you starting to see the picture that we’re painting?

After a massive wave of layoffs, a merger with AT&T’s international monopoly, and the emergence of Deep Water, which has been deemed Britain’s answer to Big Little Lies– THIS MAKES SENSE.

Is it just wishful thinking based on a cover? The evidence would suggest “no”…

Well Justin, you might just be in luck, kid!


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