Beauty in Balance … my passion for health and simultaneous anticipation for friday night

I used to define myself as a paradox; a juxtaposition of sorts. For years I have played a mental game of tug-of-war: trying to make sense of my passion for health yet simultaneous anticipation for Friday night. How can I enjoy nights spent light-heartedly on the dance floor if I also attended a wellness workshop earlier that week? Why can these two passions not cohesively blend together? And why is one deemed worthy and the other defined as bad?

The fact of the matter is neither one is better than the other. The key is finding the perfect amount of harmony between my polarizing natures: placing emphasis on social life while carving out time for my well-being (that is of course intertwined with the everyday work, family, friends, etc).

Let’s first set aside the stigmas associated with both health and nightlife.

Being healthy does not mean eating kale for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Nor does indulging in nightlife mean partying until sunrise. Both words are fully subjective— similar to how my taste in music may differ from yours. Now, let’s dive deeper into the word balance. One way that I have grappled with my contrasting lifestyles is through the lens of a registered dietitian. Jaime Stratton, defines a balanced diet as “a mix of eating nutritious foods you enjoy and not-so-nutritious foods you enjoy—because most of us need both to be satisfied.” She furthers her statement by noting that “eating only healthy, nutrient-dense foods is not balanced at all, especially if it means not letting yourself eat foods that you truly love.”

I’m not trying to water down the meaning of a balanced lifestyle and compare it to a diet, but rather, expose the true meaning of balance to those who shame me for ordering a tequila shot but build me up when I go on an 8-mile run. It ultimately comes down to what makes you feel good. How can you prioritize your self-interests?

There is beauty in living a balanced lifestyle. There is beauty in interlacing the black and the white; mending your lifestyle to create colors custom fit for what best serves you. The scale is never perfectly balanced, but I have found ways to dismiss guilt and allow myself to enjoy a night on the town while ensuring I get my yoga fix the next morning.

Note from the editor-

Emily Moore radiates positivity and thus we asked her to sprinkle some through our site however she saw fit. The essence of The Kollection is curation and the community which selective sharing and creation inspires. We work tirelessly in our day jobs, our side hustles, our creative projects, our relationships and still need to find time FOR OURSELVES- thanks for reminding us Emily.

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Feature photo by Cue The Danger.