Bad Tuner Fuses Lo-fi Aesthetics with Club Energy on “Coast” (Out Everywhere)

bad tuner’s Coast is a high energy, Lo-fi, club roller.

It’s a lo-fi-beat-to-study-to booted up to fit a club format. A track that pairs equally well with headphones as it does with a massive sound system, bad tuner fuses lo-fi aesthetics with a modern feel to create. Throwing a sexy french vocal sample over a proper drum and bass track is a sure fire way to inject some nostalgia into a piece of music, but Coast goes further in creating and maintaining the feeling that you’ve been here before. 

alt="Bad Tuner Coast"

Despite the warm french samples and analog drum sounds Coast still feels modern. bad tuner dabbles in the cliché festival EDM tropes beaten to death in Tucson since 2012, but the drops are gentle and the builds aren’t excessive. It’s like the soundtrack to your memory of the last festival or club night you attended before it was all shut down. The reality of the situation was much harsher, louder, bassier, more gratuitous, but the memory plays back as a soft but vibrant highlight real. It flashes before your eyes every night as you go to bed wishing you were going out. The accompanying video plays the same way. A beautiful warm vignette of a night out, a DJ, a packed house. It’s a wonderful romanticization of reality, and it’s especially welcome now that we are staring a full year without live shows in the face. 

photo: Joey Perugini

If you’re missing going out, missing the manic energy and rhythm of the club, throw Coast on your big screen and reminisce. It won’t be as good as the original, but it will help curb the craving. It’s like a club night methadone; bad tuner’s Coast will take the edge off.

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