Attention Splashers: 10 Tips for This Weekend

With the year’s first Splash coming in hot this weekend, The Kollection wanted to take the opportunity to share some tips, tricks, and general advice for everyone headed to the desert:

1. Wear sunscreen – What, you think you’re tougher than the sun?

2. SEE JUSTICE AT THE RENAISSANCE ON SATURDAY – Now, some of you either will be too lost in the labyrinth that is the Saguaro pool, will take too long getting ready and miss the shuttle, or will just outright not listen to us on this – in which case you’ll be in the more-than-capable hands of Dirty South/TroyBoi/hotel security – but for the rest of you….

It is imperative that you see Justice.

3. Don’t spend the whole weekend in your hotel room committing acts of hedonism – remember, you bought your ticket to see the music (unless you didn’t…in which case, as you were).

4. If they’re bigger than you are, wearing fewer clothes than you are, and you can hear their voice above the whomping speakers, do not provoke–migrate.

5. It is impossible to look cool doing your go-to two-step with your feet submerged, so practice dancing with your upper body; this should not be construed to mean that you should fall back on the dab.

6. People come to Splash from all walks of life- let them walk their life and they will let you walk your own.

7. Earplugs are cool and waterproof- please don’t lose your hearing.

8. Change before going to the after party- bathing suits are not advisable attire for air museums.

9Armand Van Helden and A-Trak have decades of experience between them and back-to-back sets to close out Splash House at The Renaissance. We can’t fault you for catching the perfect start-of-summer vibes of Jai Wolf, but fans of disco will not want to miss these two…..did someone say Duck Sauce reunion?

10. A project by Amtrac and Plastic Plates, Luces latest release was a special one. Be sure to catch their dreamy, synth-laden breakdowns at 2 pm at–you guessed it–The Renaissance.

That is all – happy splashing