At Home With: Unusual Demont

]Unusual Demont is an internet kid at heart. Spending his formative years exploring cultural and musical nooks that fall slightly outside the comfort zones of most have led to his uniquely intimate, yet relatable sound. To be at home with Unusual Demont is to be transported into a dreamy realm of new age R&B and sensual, mellow rap.

Perfect for lighting up a joint and taking a slow meditative walk, this meticulously curated 10 track playlists invites you into an introspective space. The playlist highlights some of the most sublime songs from big names such as Blood Orange, Isiash Rashad and SZA, while simultaneously opening the listeners ears to new sounds from smaller artists like Leon Zhang, 808vic and Redveil. Similar to his own music, while no two tracks sound the same, they all showcase a naturally beautiful singing voice and organic, experience-driven songwriting.

Give At Home Unusual Demont a listen. You’ll learn a little more about the artist, the world, and yourself along the way.

The Breakdown

1. SZA – Love Galore (ft. Travis Scott)

2. Isaiah Rashad – Claymore (ft. Smino) 

3. Westside Gunn – French Toast (ft. Wale & Joyce Wrice)

4. Tyler, the Creator – Wusyaname (ft. Youngboy & Ty Dolla $ign)

5. Snoh Alegra – Neon Peach (ft. Tyler, the Creator)

6. Leon Zhang – Icarus

7. Kevin Abstract – American Boyfriend

8. Redveil – Drown (ft. Donte Thomas & D’mari Harris)

9. 808vic – Overstayed (ft. Cozy Kiyo)

10. Blood Orange – Benzo