At Home With: Seb Wildblood

UK-born, Seb Wildblood has spent the last few years forging a sonic identity focused on transportive experiences. Whether it’s in tracks designed for the dancefloor, or in those more suited to headphones, the recurring theme across his musical output is one of subtlety and depth.

Enjoy some of Seb Wildblood’s favorite tracks and get a feel for some of his musical influences in the process. Ranging from throwbacks by artists like the Cure to songs that are in Seb’s current rotation for his own sets. After checking out his AWH, be sure to bump his new single “MDS”, featuring Theophilus London. Click here to listen.

Give At Home With: Seb Wildblood a listen. You’ll learn a little more about the artist, the world, and yourself along the way.

The Breakdown

1. Plaid, Benet Walsh – Ralome

Morning starter

2. Kareem Ali – Starseeker 

Possibly my fave track of the year. Kareem puts out a lot of music, all really HQ but this for me really stands out of the pack. Super lush! 

3. Erika Decasier – Call Me Anytime

Love this record, a personal fave off it. Been listening to it a lot running in the evenings.

4. Ouri – High & Choking

New one from Ouri, big fan over here and constantly surprised and inspired by her output. 

5. Daedelus – LA Nocturn

Revisited this of late, feels appropriate given the recent move to LA & lack of sleep.

6. Kojey Radical & Lex Amor – War Outside

Current go-to driving track, into anything and everything Lex is involved with & this collaboration is no different. 

7. Soichi Terada – Bamboo Fighter

Always here for new Soichi Terada, had the pleasure of meeting him a couple of years and can confirm he is equally as good vibes as his music. 

8. Depeche Mode – Any second now

Hard to pick a fave Depeche Mode track but i love the simplicity of this one in particular. Such a feeling, and sometimes that’s all you really need. 

9. Joy Orbison – Swag

Incredible record. The whole thing is brilliant but this is the one I seem to have on repeat. 

10. Tom VR – Now The Branch Is Creaking

Current fave track from the Tom VR album we put out on all my thoughts a couple of weeks back.

11. Bliss Inc – Transitions

Haven’t included much music I’ve been playing out recently in this playlist, so thought I’d slip this one in.

12. The Cure – A Forest

Because, always & forever…