At Home With: Pablo Nouvelle

Being a student of architecture and an illustrious filmmaker, it makes sense that Pablo Nouvelle’s approach to music is one that conjures worlds of sound piece by piece. Rather than sketching blueprints or carefully arranging the mise en scene in one of his films, Pablo Nouvelle splices together tasteful samples and energizing rhythms to make a brand of electronic music that is distinctly his own.

The Kollection teamed up with Pablo for the latest installment of At Home With. Give the playlist he curated for us a listen to enjoy some of Pablo’s favorite tracks and get an idea of some of the artists that influence his music.

Give At Home With: Pablo Nouvelle a listen. You’ll learn a little more about the artist, the world, and yourself along the way.

The Breakdown

1. Tennyson – Feelwitchu

Every once in a while I stumble across a song so overwhelmingly good that it hurts. What more can I say. A masterpiece. The melody is catchy. The vocal effect is icy and yet touching. The drums hit hard and never cease to surprise. The production is really on a level of its own. 

2. Lambert & Peter Gregson – The Dive

Piano, Strings & a subtle hint of electronics. The ultimate benchmark, the absolute world record in pure beauty. 

3. C.Tangana – Tocarte

Since his tiny desk concert at the latest, the world knows that C.Tangana is a phenomenon. The way he brings the music from a stiff concert situation to the dining table and back to life and shears the Spanish legends around him is fascinating. With Tocarte he manages the for him typical balancing act between hard minimal rhythms and maximum intimacy. 

4. Olivia Dean – Slowly

First discovered her as a guest singer with Rudimental. Her solo stuff is very calm & incredibly beautiful. The tunes are very stripped down and the songwriting is honest on a level that you feel like you are on a tête-à-tête with her by only listening to her songs. I might be a little bit in love with her. 

5. Novos Baianos – Mistério do Planeta

Acabou Chorare, an album from the 70s. One of my absolute favourite groups from Brasil. The whole album is iconic. A psychedelic soul album from Latin America with two singers who open your heart with their unconventional honest style. 

6. Baiuca & Lilaina – Meigallo

Baiuca is taking over Spain with his electronic sounds that’s heavily influenced by traditional elements and exciting singers. So much soul, such a distinct sound!

7. Weval – Letter

Finally, we got a new Ep from one of my all-time favourite bands Weval! The title song Changed for the better contains enough ideas for a whole album. But my favorite new tune is the reduced little rave they created in „Letter“.

8. Tora – When Will I Learn

Tora not only create incredibly sophisticated pop music, they are also a great live band. From their new album, When Will I Learn clearly stands out for me. How can a beat of this kind drag and still have so much power. bang.  

9. Bonobo – Rosewood

I’m a Bonobo fan since day one. He released so many classics. I really love his new, more dance floor-orientated sound. You can tell he pays a lot of attention to every detail and creates a soundscape that feels warm like an old Motown record. 

10. Sault – Wildfires

Suddenly there was Sault. Out of nothing the mysterious artist released four albums in two years with a sound so retro but so zeitgeisty at the same time. Music, that we’ll be still listening to in 2030 cause it’s so timeless.