At Home With: obli

This week, we had the pleasure of chatting with one of our favorite producers–the incredibly talented multi-instrumentalist obli–about a few special tracks he holds close to his heart. The 14 song playlist is an incredibly inspiring collection of both warm and melancholy soundscapes – a perfect fit for the rare, but welcomed, rainy days here in Los Angeles.

The Foreign Family Collective signee released the first single “Deeper” from his latest project just last month with fluttering synths, soulful vocal chops, and percussion lines sure to move your feet. Inspired by the likes of Four Tet and Bonobo (the dons), the upcoming release has us closely monitoring the situation. We will ring all the bells as soon as obli releases more of the record on ODESZA’s imprint.

For now, listen through the playlist and check out what Chris (obli) had to say about each track on this week’s At Home With.


Walking In The Rain” – Romare

Romare is one of my favorite electronic / sampling artists period. This one is a new one from him and it’s just so so good.

Play” – iamamiwhoami, ionnalee

I was just getting into programming on Ableton when I first heard this song and I was so in love with the sounds and the drop that I must have tried replicating it hundreds of times, never getting close to as tasty as this one is.

Alberto Balsalm” – Aphex Twin

Aphex Twin was probably one of earliest intros into electronic music and what else is there to say, absolute legend.

Nova” – Burial, Four Tet

This song just got a wide release on streaming platforms in 2022. It had only existed on youtube and the likes before. Two of my favorite artists / DJs of all time and such a beautiful track.

Dawn Chorus” – Thom Yorke

Gorgeous song and amazing short film that accompanies it on Netflix by Paul Thomas Anderson, if you haven’t seen go have a watch.

Futile Devices” – Sufjan Stevens

Might be my favorite lyrics of any song of all time.

Music for 18 Musicians: Section 1” – Steve Reich

The poly rhythms of Steve Reich are something I love so so much. Though I can never quite replicate it I’ll try to have some of my arpeggios / synths feel like his when I am working on music.

Door” – Caroline Polacheck

She is one of the coolest singers in my opinion right now. This song is just perfect.

Julia (deep diving)” – Fred again..

Julia is a friend of mine and someone I have played for as a musician so it was so rad to see her sampled on this track. This song was my first introduction to Fred again.. and he is such an incredible artist who harnesses social media and the internet in the best way possible.

This Old House Is All I Have” – Against All Logic

One of Nicolas Jaar’s side projects. The David Axelrod sample in this is so good and the groove that eventually comes in is one of my favorites.

If The Car Besides You Moves Ahead” – James Blake

This one came in 2018 out of nowhere from James Blake without much follow up or other releases and though it might not be his most popular I think the production and vibe is quite sick.

Plastic Soul “- Mondo Cozmo

Mondo Cozmo (Josh) is one of my best friends and someone I have played bass / keys for for a number of years. This was the first song I heard of his and it’s still my favorite today. The use of sampling + the unbelievably sweet lyrics… (chef’s kiss)

Change” – obli

Can I include my own song in this? It’s still one of my favorites of my own to date. Hope you feel the same : )

Stratus” – Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith

So many amazing women right now making some of the most beautiful electronic music right now and Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith is one of them. When I first heard this I was hypnotized and wish that I had made it.