At Home With: Mildlife

Since their debut record in 2017, Mildlife have been putting out some of the most consistent music out there; it’s danceable yet incredibly expressive and features some of the highest level artistry in the scene. To listen to Mildlife is to step into a dreamscape conjured by luxurious synths and funky basslines. Their most recent record, Automatic, is them at their best and each song is an opus of free-flowing brillilance.

The Kollection teamed up with Mildlife for the latest installment of “At Home With” where you get a sneak peek at what’s popping on the artists’ personal playlists. Keep reading to see what went into the ethereal playlist that they curated for us here at the K.

Give At Home with Mildlife a listen. You’ll learn a little more about the artist, the world, and yourself along the way.

“Hello, Adam from Mildlife here, you are at home with me. I have been at home a lot recently, I forget why. So this collection of music is the opposite of home. It is an otherworldly trip. I played this  music as I slept and had a vivid dream, I have outlaid that dream for you below. We are travelling around North America in March and April. I have never visited and I can’t wait to play in and  experience that other world.”

Adam Halliwell of Mildlife

The Breakdown

  1. Here Comes The Family – Peter Giger’s Family of Percussion – A Drum is a Woman

The Family walk down the street, the day is real fine, they run into some old friends on the corner and they’re jaw jackinʼ. 

2. Ladeira dos Inocentes – Fernando Falcão – Memória das Águas 

“hey, there’s a party in the woods down the road”. The family start whistling the tune that’s floating around their minds, improvising, jammin’. 

3. Americua – Priscilla Ermel – Origens Da Luz 

They walk into the woods and hear the Ocarina and Percussion coming from a distant gathering,  then the majestic Priscilla enters with her voice and Charango. 

4. Kalimba (Lua Cheia) – Egberto Gismonti – Sol Do Meio Dia 

They walk deeper into the woods, Egberto and Nana are communicating with the birds. 

5. Amadillo – Peter Giger’s Family of Percussion – A Drum is a Woman 

The sun is setting, the Family gathers, talking, walking, a new light has emerged and they follow. 

6. Görünmez Hava – Anadol – Uzun Havalar 

1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 the sun has fallen, the moon has risen, its warm, soothing and the Family move slowly in unison. 

7. Lockerina – Wolf Müller & Niklas Wandt – Instrumentalmusik von der Mitte der World

oooooooooo doop ooooooooo doop, for some reason everyone’s way more happy and loving all of a sudden. 

8. The Drums Must Never Stop – Mo Bama – Jijimuge: Interdiffusion Of Particulars

The night is fading away, the family want to dance so the drums must never stop. 

9. Dreamworld (Dance) – Jon Hassell Farafina – Flash of the Spirit 

“oh hello” The sun is peeping its head, that mountain top in the distance, that light shining through  the trees after a long night, “oh hello” 

10. Stop Bajon – Tullio De Piscopo – Acqua E Viento 

They walk and buy a coffee, dancing through crowd of people in unison, la primavera è qui! 

11. Crazy Clock – Azymuth – Aurora 

mmm that coffee was good. “Hey family let’s get funky, its time” 

12. Down Home In New York – Archie Shepp & Jasper van’t Hof – The 5th of May

“oh! hey family, I got to get back home, I got stuff to do”. They part ways with a pep in their steps.