At Home With: Mild Minds

Australian-born Grammy nominated artist, producer, and vocalist Mild Minds unveils his latest single alongside a very special At Home With playlist. The Indie-Electronic mastermind incorporates floating synth progressions with his airy harmonized vocals in “Devotion” producing an emotional yet playful cadence.

This week, Mild Minds takes us through some of the tunes that inspire, excite, and motivate his unique production style. An easy step over from our favorites Four Tet and Bonobo, this playlist is sure to have something for every listener!

Give At Home With: Mild Minds a listen. You’ll learn a little more about the artist, the world, and yourself along the way.

The Breakdown

1. Enfant Sauvage – “58500”

This song is a powerhouse, one of my favorites of 2021. The drums, distorted leads and vocals work together so well. Was amazed to find out Enfant is french and not from the UK.

2. Fasme – “Coton

I love when a track can elicit an emotion with only an arpeggio. Something I like to attempt in my own music.


One of my favorites of the year. Such a great mix and emotion in the track. Nostalgic and wandering. A great example of being able to tell a story with minimal elements.

4. Jack J – “Only You Know Why

Beautiful nostalgic number by Jack J, reminds me of Arthur Russell vocally. I love when artists do something completely different and it’s still loveable. I feel like this one hasn’t got the attention it deserves. 

5. 2 Bad Mice – “Limit Of Paradise

Some 90’s OG’s coming back for round two in 2016. Some solid drum chops.

6. Bad Tuner – “oxygen

This Beautiful piano house tune by a buddy in Brooklyn. He’s doing a lot of cool stuff.

7. Piri, Tommy Vilelrs – “Soft Spot

I loved listening to this last year cruising home in my convertible through the LA freeways after a late party.

8. Floating Points – “K&G Beat

This is one of my favourite FP tracks. This was a big influence when I started making music and it excites me every time I hear it. 

9. Chrome Sparks – “Moonraker

Coming back to another older hugely influential track in the early days of this project. I love the progressive structure and the way the track feels alive. It inspired me to keep things feeling organic and alive on my first album. 

10. DJU DJU – “I Need My Music

Always need a summer disco or house jam and this is one of the ones I’ve been bumping lately.

Be sure to check out Mild Mind’s new single “Devotion