At Home With: Lewis OfMan

Lewis OfMan is a musician hailing from Paris who produces electronic music that is truly like no other. He creates infectious grooves that get your body moving while also evoking a wide range of emotions.

Lewis OfMan joined us for this week’s installment of At Home With and curated a playlist of some of his favorite tracks. It’s a diverse bunch of songs that shine a light on some of Lewis OfMan’s influences. If you like the playlist, be sure to check out his recently released, and much buzzed about, album, “Sonic Poems”

Give At Home With: Lewis OfMan a listen. You’ll learn a little more about the artist, the world, and yourself along the way.

The Breakdown

1. Portishead – Strangers 

I love to put this music when I just got home, usually late and start cooking dinner, It makes me think it’s 2002, and that my tiny Paris apartment is a huge new York loft 

2. Dionne Warwick – Wives & Lovers 

A really good song to play on a rainy afternoon, make yourself some coffee & enjoy 

3. Farah – GangBang 

A nice song to put at this decadent dinner 

4. Roy Ayers – The Memory 

a really nice one for when you get out of the shower but it’s 10pm and you get ready for a nice evening

 5. Jonathan Ritchman – Twilight in Boston 

Such a beautiful song, I love how he talks, how he tells us his nostalgia and describe his life, then sing with this lovely voice, so nice 

6. Michel Polnareff – Computer’s dream 

This song is a little melodious adventure, good! No? And made by a French guy! 

7. Love to love you baby – Tom Novy & Pufo remix 

What a vibe, the beat is insane, the intro is so good. It always makes me think of some cruising in Paris at night, heading to this fashion shoot but its more a party than a shoot 

8. Linda Ronstadt – Ooh Baby Baby 

I remember this song being played at this date in LA, Los Feliz, in this tiny dinner, I felt I was in Paul Thomas Anderson movie 

9. The Beatles – Ask me why 

And yes! The Beatles! I love the chords of this song but especially the vocal harmonies, insane, of course. The only one I still listen to from this album. 

10. John Lennon ft Yoko Ono – Remember love 

I discovered this song on a hill in Florence, Tuscany. A winter sunset spent the whole afternoon reading on this bench in front of the view.  

11. Wings – Bluebird (« one hand clapping » soundtrack version) 

A sunset car drive in New York, beginning of winter as well, Violette next to me, watching the Hudson River, so nice. I listened to this song a lot, I never lost this first vision 

12. The Rah Band – Perfumed garden 

You just bought some new flowers! It’s Saturday, sunny, noon, just got home, all fresh, put this song while you fill the vase with water! And if you are lucky enough, kiss your lover on the cheek 

13. Manu Dibango – Polysonik 

Midnight, once again, finishing some work after dinner, it’s the week so your neighbors are already sleeping, although I see you are tired too! Come on, smoke a last cigarette, maybe send some texts, and go to bed