At Home With: Lauren Mia

Lauren Mia is an LA based musician who has become one of the defining voices of the Melodic Techno and Progressive House movement. She creates mesmerizing music that reflects her background in Classical Piano and Composition.

Give At Home With: Lauren Mia a listen. You’ll learn a little more about the artist, the world, and yourself along the way.

The Breakdown

1. “You Killed The Sun” – Alfa Romero 

Afternoon pick-me-up. Uplifting my mood, making my smile, and every time, just takes my breath away.

2. “Cloud Dreaming” – Darcy Stephens

Early dawn, just waking up and blowing off the steam from my hot cup of coffee. Gazing outside, in gratitude, for being alive, right here and right now. 

3. “Solas (Original Mix)” – Deciduous 

Walking my pups during our Californian sunsets. Breathing in the crisp, fresh air. Increasing my motivation, my heart rate, and eager to get back home to get back to work

4. “Confronted Reality (Original Mix)” – Innellea

Getting ready to go out. Feeling sexy and excited to move my body

5. “Dune” – Erly Tepshi

Late night, feeling a burst of energy and in the mood for a solo PJ dance party

6. “Memento (Adriatique Remix)” – Shiffer

When I am in the mood to dream. Dream big. Manifest….but also remember that I am already living my dream. Waking up everyday, doing what I love most, and sharing it with the world. Literally out of a movie.

7. “Rosy (Lunar Plane’s Extended Vox Mix)” – Purple Haze

Driving down Mullholand, a street I’ve driven down over a thousand times, feeling so at home, windows down, pups heads out the window, ears flapping everywhere, big smiles, endless mountain tops and trees, sun shining. Moments I’ll never forget.  

8. “Collide feat. Kaleida (Extended Mix)” – Made in Paris

Late night, fire place on, candles lit, sitting on the floor around my coffee table with some of my friends, catching up, laughing, dancing.

9. “Exil (Original Mix)” – Betical 

Laying down in bed, getting sleepy, staring up at ceiling. Revisiting the day I had, and getting excited for the day ahead.

10. “Suddenly Silence (Original Mix)” – CIOZ

Cleaning the dishes, vacuuming, doing my chores while dancing around with my messy bun and sweats on. Being silly, and  Groovin’

11. “Lonely Planet Boy” – Bebetta, HRRSN 

Dancing in the shower. Me time. Getting squeaky clean.